Monday, January 14, 2008


Wet early morning

We woke at 7 AM today to find the sky pouring down water on us, and a slight leak from the sunroof of the limo. After some quick rearranging of stuff, we hit the road to get down to Algeciras, stopping at a Carrefour for supplies, and at the local Feu Vert (Pep Boys) to get a replacement for our blown tire. Once we got Algeciras, we did some negotiating with a guy from the Acciona ferry line to get our tickets changed from Algeciras to Ceuta to the Algeciras to Tangier run.

yoo RITE!!
HooRayGun! sez RonRaygun.
Gotta lotta stanky.
Gotta lotta.
Make Your Choice -SAW
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