Sunday, January 20, 2008


Report from Essaouira

After a day and a half in the Moroccan port city of Essaouira, January 20th found Mark, Pinar and Suna leaving Payo standing by the beach with Cynthia. They will be returning to work while the hardcore crew of three heads for points south. While in Essaouira we were able to find a terrific local welder/fabricator, Abdul, who modified the Hi Lift jack for us and added some reinforcing rail shields to the undercarriage of the limo to help protect the oil pan/sump. He also brews up a great mint tea, with not too much sugar.

By about noon on the 20th, Suna, Pinar and Mark were reporting that they were in 'Armageddon,' with wind-blown dust rivaling the kinds seen in the Nevada desert at Burning Man.

From this point on, updates will be few, as the amount of cellular and internet access drops off until they reach larger cities again.

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