Friday, January 11, 2008


The rain in Spain stays mainly in the London Taxi

We woke up this morning and did a little repacking of the limo to create extra space in the back, by moving the spare tires, sand ladders, Hi Lift jack and a suitcase full of tools and parts up onto the roof and the jerry cans onto the trunk lid. Now riding in the back is like riding in a limo.

We hit the road for Madrid around 10:00 AM, just a bit behind the guys in the taxi, hoping to arrive there around 8:00 PM.

We hit snow crossing the mountains at Somosierra and the rain kept up for most of the way to Madrid, which for Roger and John was a bit of a problem as the shed they are driving leaks like a leaky shed. Both of them had wet feet.

Regardless, we all met up at our hotel in Madrid and officially added Pinar to Team Limo2Africa - she got off the elevator in the lobby as we were checking in.

Tonight's dinner was at El Lacon with John's former colleague Rupert followed up by a sherry at a great, dusty old place called La Venencien. The resident dog there is an expert at eating olives and spitting out the pits.


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