Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Wednesday January 16th and we're in Casablanca. Steve (Payo), myself (Suna), Mahk (Mark), Pinar, and we will meet Cynthia in Marrakech tonight. Every day has been a different city or country, and despite taking a slightly more relaxed pace than some of our other rally mates, it still has blurred together a bit, waking up to new sounds everyday, not quite sure where we came from, where we are, but still focused on where we're going.

Our chief rally mates to date have been Roger and John from Team Running Amok, two certified nutters who side car race in the UK, and three boys from the Isle of Man, a commonwealth country with official emblem of three legs joined together , meaning any which way you through an Isle of Man-ner they will land feet first. I'm sure that doesnt make sense but Google might be able to help you get the picture!

Reports back from prior teams are that Mauritania is safe, more police on the road and friendly, reassuring people all along the way. So we'll push ahead.

A few more hours in Casa and we're off. We enjoyed the generous hospitality of my dear friend from Japan Cara Warkentin and her Fiance Reda. We'll head to her school where she teaches English to talk about our little trip, do some fun games and let the l'il ones climb all over the limo. To date, we've certainly attracted our share of attention.
A bientot!

Go Suna! Glad to hear you are safe. Checking your blog every couple of days to hear about your latest adventure. Safe travels! Tyler
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