Sunday, January 6, 2008


And we're off to Timbuktu (for real!)

Bags packed

Shots gotten

Work wrapped up (well, mostly)

Air tixs in hand

Limo in London (finally!)

Three-Fourths of our new Team LimotoAfrica leave tomorrow for London. Suna, Mahk and Payo. We meet Pinar, our fabulous new photographer team mate, in Madrid, along with former team mates Cynthia and Brian. We'll continue our previously laid route through UK-France-Spain-Morocco-Mauritania and Mali.

This date has been a long time coming! Some things have changed: The official Paris-Dakar race was cancelled this year for the first time in its history because of direct terrorist threats against the event as well as heightened concerns after a french family was slain while visiting Mauritania .

Needless to say, we've taken precautions. We'll assess the situation in Morocco whether to head into Mauritania or not. For now...dreaming of Saharan sand dunes.....

We wich you so much luck - really cool car :-)! - next time we┬┤re on board hopefully
be safe! heard about the rally being cancelled. you can still ride thru the mediterranean :) wish i was there.
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