Wednesday, December 19, 2007


And....WE'RE OFF!!! (NOT)

*cough cough*
Well, right about now TeamLimotoAfrica should be on a plane enroute to London, UK to start our car rallying adventures.
*assess minor shipping miscalculation**

Let's just say a not-to-be named (former) team member neglected to do thorough research on the trans-Altantic shipping timelines and we soon found out that our "hey we need to get our car to London on time for this car race/charity thing, I'll even put you on our website"was a dust-mite speck on the "I care" radar of the world wide shipping industry, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and US & UK homeland security procedures.


So we're leaving the US 2 weeks later than expected, departing January 7th, 2008 and plans to arrive in Bamako, Mali sometime during the spring. Or maybe February. We'll see. Luckily, the official car rally leaves London in waves, so we plan to join the January 11th Plymouth-Bamako run. Didn't someone say that the hardest part is getting started? I don't like that person (they probably work in shipping).

At the moment, Team LimotoAfrica is Team LimoinLimbo as we assess;
1) Who can still make the delayed start
2) Who will still have a job when they get back and
3) Where does the team sleep in the meantime as we've all sub-letted our places. (If you have a couch, email me!)

On a more positive note, THANK YOU to everyone that came out to Butter and made it upstairs to the VIP Limo party. It was a blast!! Slightly disturbing was
1) Number of people that bet we'd break down early (quite a lot)
2) Number of people that thought we'd make it (even more!)
3) The video playing at the Bar showing cars attempting the Saharan desert crossing and getting eaten up, and
4) Talking to the writer of the one and only Bamako rally guidebook, who told us that we were freakin' crazy to even attempt the crossing in a limo. (oh sh&t). Mahk said something about power-wheel base -tyre ratio and terminal velocity factor playing in our favor so we'll make it, thanks for the advice anyways, Bub(you gotta love engineers).


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