Saturday, November 10, 2007


Our First Press!

Well, we got our first press - very exciting. Check it out here.
Thanks to Gaetana for tracking down the various US teams and putting all this together. We're hopeful that this will get picked up in some local papers

At present we're planning to hit the road for NYC either next Tuesday (Nov 13) or Wednesday morning. Unfortunately our shipping date got moved forward on us so we're leaving a week earlier than planned. What was to be a nice leisurely 9-day trip across country has become a high-speed run to meet the big boat - a la cannonball run.

Our NY friends (Cynthia, Dan, and Rahim) have organized a party/fundraiser for Monday November 19th. If you're in NY, please come join,
Alphabet Lounge
104 Avenue C, here.

The last week or three have been spent frantically working on Vegas in an attempt to get her in ship shape for the cross country drive. New alternator, batteries, regular, wiring and so now hopefully we've solved the electrical problems. Several trips to the Oakland Pick N Pull (good times) have netted a small hoard of spare parts starters, injectors and the like. This Saturday is hopefully the last visit - need a handbrake mechanism, roof racks, and some miscellaneous door parts. Will not be sorry to see the last of that place.

The main problem has been the suspension we had big plans to replace and upgrade all of the springs, which have sagged and softened over the years. Apparently ground clearance is key for some of this trip and limos aren't generally rated well in this department. After several attempts we gave up trying to extract the old springs - weird attachment requiring special tools and nonstrandard replacement parts. We've had to settle for new shocks and some spring spacers. The shocks are very cool - turns out we can upgrade to the shocks from a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, Police Package - Severe Service Model. They're big and yellow, and hopefully they'll stop that embarrassing tendency to bounce down the highway that we have at present. So between the shocks, the new bushings, and the spring spacers hopefully it'll be enough. We'll fund out when we hit the road....

Fingers X'd.

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