Sunday, November 25, 2007


Leaving La Vegas

With the cross country limo trip - over 3K miles in 3.5 days - finished, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with old and new friends in the Big Apple before heading back to San Francisco. The cross - US trip helped us discover all of Vegas' quirky mechanical vagaries and as such we assiduously loaded up on more spare alternators, wheels, batteries, fuel injectors and various nuts 'n bolts. All the while knowing that it will be the one thing we don't bring that is going to break. It was an emotional moment to let go of our dear "Little engine that will" as we dropped her off on a chilly morning in New Jersey to board a ship for Felixstowe, UK. Cynthia made it all worthwhile by throwing Team LimoToAfrica a fabulous charity fundraiser that night where we drowned our sorrows in NY priced cocktails. We raised over $1K for the World Computer Exchange as well as sold raffle tickets/gave away fabulous prizes to help with rally costs. Some yahoo (aka our good friend Dan) thought it would be funny to start a "Guess when the limo breaks down" betting pool. Ha ha.

Stay tuned for our San Francisco charity event coming soon!

congrats on finishing the US portion - this is the easy part, kids! ok, so instead of betting when the limo breaks down, i'll have my own personal pool for you against my british coworker James - who is at the same time you are crossing Africa in a limo is crossing India in a tuk tuk. We'll see who gets there first :)
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